Each week, the Presbytery of Lake Michigan lifts up one of our faith communities in prayer as part of our mission in Christ. Please share information about this community and their prayer petitions in your church bulletins so we can help bring each other closer to God. 
This Week Pennfield Presbyterian Church would like prayers …
1. For our congregation mourning the loss of our former CE Director, recently our Administrative Secretary, T. Zoe Kimmel, who went to be with her Heavenly Father Oct.24, 2018.
2. For our journey into the future inspired by our nautical theme, “May the Spirit of God Fill Our Sails, as we prayerfully search for our new Pastor.
3. For our Session and every member of our congregation who have signed on as crew for our sailing vessel, christened “Spirit”, our spirit of unity as the body of Christ here in this place.
4. For our faith to grow so the weight and depth of the keel will be stable and strong, and our vessel will remain steady in our mission of telling the Good News to all.
5. That this Crew and Vessel will respond to the Rudder, who is Jesus Christ.
This Week Pennfield Presbyterian Church is excited about how our church is working and pulling together during this time of our pastor search and now the loss of our secretary and we are excited about our journey into the future as we have a strong church.