7/15/15  Youth Director
First Presbyterian Church of Saline, Michigan.
( 280-member Presbyterian (USA) Church located west of Detroit in a small town near Ann
Arbor, Michigan, is seeking a part-time 25 hour/week Youth Director.
Building upon a current core of 12 active youth, the Youth Director will be responsible for the
spiritual development process (teaching, mentoring, building youth as leaders, and curriculum
development) of students from 6th to 12th grade.  A secondary, but critical emphasis will be on
recruiting, training, and supporting adult volunteers to build the youth program.  The Youth
Director will also lead Saline Presbyterian’s efforts in being missional in its outreach to the
community that tangibly extends the love of Christ beyond the walls of the church.
The successful candidate must be a strategic thinker, and possess good organizational and
leadership skills.  The Youth Director will be an active member of the church’s leadership team
that includes the pastoral staff.  A college degree is preferred with experience and/or youth
director internship work in a small/medium church. Interested candidates please submit cover
letter and resume via e-mail by August 15, 2015 to: HR.FirstPresSaline@gmail.comTo view job description go to:
For church self study report and youth ministry report go to the bottom of

7/15/2015  Accompanist Position

The Presbyterian Church of Mason, Michigan is seeking an accompanist. The person
filling this position must be able to play both the piano and organ. Duties include playing
hymns for Sunday services, playing for occasional special services (e.g., Christmas,
Maundy Thursday, Good Friday), and accompanying the choir. The latter requires
attending the Wednesday night rehearsal (approximately 90 minutes) as well as
accompanying the choir on Sunday mornings. There would also be requests to play at
funerals and weddings with compensation for those services being in addition to base
The Presbyterian Church of Mason has a Schantz Pipe Organ and a Baldwin baby
grand piano, both of which are in excellent condition. Salary is negotiable. To indicate
interest please contact Frank Boster by electronic mail at or by
telephone at (517) 515-9860.

8/19/2015  Administrative Assistant
Pine Island Church
Kalamazoo, MI
Revised July 23, 2015
Position Description:
This individual is responsible to the Session and is supervised by the Pastor. The person coordinates activities with and for the Pastor, the Treasurer, the Session and other committees, and assures that the operation of the church office is maintained in a friendly, timely, and efficient manner. The position also serves the congregation and community by being a point of contact for the church.

• A Christian world view is preferred.
• Experience with computers and their applications in the modern office: including web sites; WordPress; Church Windows; and Google Docs, Drive, and Calendar.
• Experience in office coordination, demonstrates initiative and organizational ability.
• Ability to keep church information confidential.
• Knowledge of Presbyterian policy or willingness to learn.
• Ability to work with staff, church members, volunteers, and public in a cooperative and friendly manner.

Principle Duties:
Principle areas of responsibility involve communication, report generation, keeping records and maintenance of the office, as well as assisting the Pastor, as needed.

• Answer the telephone, take messages and forward as appropriate.
• Maintain an accurate and current calendar of church events and activities.
• Inform the Pastor, committees and congregation of scheduled events.
• Assume responsibility for all aspects of mail, including electronic mail, forwarding and sending out items as appropriate.
• Prepare weekly and special worship bulletins and inserts.
• Coordinate the maintenance of the telephone.
• Send reminders to volunteers who contribute to the service each week.
• Coordinate volunteer activities at the church.
• Gather information to assemble the weekly newsletter, prepare and distribute it.
• Maintain the website and other social media as directed by the Pastor.
• Regularly update the Facebook page with calendar information.

Report Generation:
• Type meeting notices, Letters of Transfer, and miscellaneous correspondence to church committees and other groups as requested.
• Type and assemble the annual report.
• Update the membership directory and publish as needed.

Record Maintenance:
• Maintain an accurate listing of names and current contact information for suppliers, business sources, active and inactive members, Sunday school students, friends of the church, youth, choir members, college students, members of the Session, and church committee members.
• Maintain Church Windows member and visitor records.
• Record weekly attendance of church events in Church Windows.
• Track, process, and forward to the Treasurer bills and charges for the office.
• All of these tasks should be coordinated with the Clerk of Session, the Treasurer and the Pastor.

The Church Office:
• Maintain an orderly working environment.
• Maintain and order church supplies.
• Maintain office equipment.
• Track and record key distribution.

• This is a part-time position.
• This position is ten hours per week. The starting salary is $10.00 per hour.
• Salary is paid bi-monthly on an hourly basis.
• The church allows up to one personal hour each month that may be taken within that month without compensation. Scheduled time off is to be coordinated with the Pastor.
• A one week (ten hours) paid vacation will be provided after six months of employment. Two weeks (twenty hours) paid vacation are earned after one year of employment. Vacations are to be taken during the current calendar year.
Performance Review:
The first three months of employment are a probationary period. Either party may terminate the employment at the end of this time period. Performance of the employee will be reviewed annually in the anniversary month of first employment. The review will be conducted by a member of the Personnel Committee and the Pastor. The Pastor will prepare a written performance review. The Committee member will solicit information from the Session members and prepare a written performance review.
Employment Termination:
This is considered an at-will position which may be terminated by the employee or the employer with two weeks notice in writing.


8/20/2015   Interim Youth Director
The First Presbyterian Church of Battle Creek
111 Capital Avenue, NE
Battle Creek, MI 49017

Position Description (Ver 8.13.15)

Interim Director of Youth Ministries

PURPOSE: To serve the church by developing and leading quality youth programs that nurture faith, promote a positive Christian witness, and challenge young people with the joy and adventure of following Jesus Christ and serving him through the fellowship of the Church.
1. Plan and implement Sunday school programs for grades 6-12.

2. Plan and implement youth fellowship programs for grades 6-12.

3. Work with the Associate Pastor and Lead Pastor to conduct confirmation classes as needed.

4. Collaborate with the Associate Pastor on a continuing basis especially where children, youth and adult programs may overlap.

5. Manage the budget for youth programs and coordinate fund raising as needed.

6. Serve as a resource person for the Christian Education Ministry Team or its equivalent.

7. Enlist youth involvement in worship, service projects and mission awareness.

8. Attend staff meetings and retreats as schedule permits.

9. Carry out other relevant tasks, duties or responsibilities which may be assigned by the Head of Staff (Lead Pastor).
ANTICIPATED WORK SCHEDULE: This is a part-time interim position, approximately 20 hours per week, exempt.
REPORTS TO: This position will report to the Head of Staff (Lead Pastor).

+ A visible commitment to Jesus Christ

+ Youth ministry leadership experience

+ Strong communication and organizational skills

+ Comfortable in sharing his/her personal faith in Christ and teaching the Bible to youth

+ Flexible and willing to initiate new programs.

+ Able to promote the spiritual growth of students while continuing his/her own personal growth.

+ Can embrace a ministry style compatible with a Presbyterian (PCUSA) and
Reformed Church environment.

+ Willing to collaborate with other churches and local youth ministers.

+ Valid driver’s license

INTERIM MINISTRY: This is an interim position that does not preclude permanent employment. Appropriate goals for interim ministry include maintaining the viability of programs, building bridges, being sensitive to grief issues, and preparing for the future.
Revised 8.13.15

8/20/2015 Community Lunch Director:

First Presbyterian Church of Allegan  200 Cutler St Allegan Mi
Job Description:
• Ensure all volunteers are ready for duties. That all volunteers have been trained, checked against the sex offenders list and proof of both is filed.
• Check and record temperatures in all refrigerators and freezers, calibrate thermometers.
• Plan menu.
• Ensure soups, sandwiches, salad and dessert are prepared and ready to serve.
• Transport all supplies to and from church.
• Ensure that all food safety rules are instituted for preparing and serving food.
• Ensure that garbage is recycled as much as possible.
• Ensure that the church is cleaned up after the lunch.
• Communicate with FCC food bank and be responsible for getting food and transporting it to church.

Potential schedule:
• Have a planned menu. Launder kitchen items.
• See that all food is being thawed for preparation on Tuesday or Wednesday morning.
• Have at least four bags of ice in the church freezer for Wednesday.
• Buy bread if needed from Dollar General Time: 1- 3 hours.
• Soups are made and assembled for Wednesday and refrigerated at church or home.
• Sandwich material is gathered and ready to assemble.
• Dessert is ready for serving. Time: 2 hrs.

• All supplies are transported to the church by 8:30 AM.
• Check and record temperatures in all refrigerators and freezers and thermometer are calibrated.
• All counter tops and cupboards have been given the 3 part wash.
• All volunteers have aprons, hats, and abide by glove wearing rules.
• Soups are at the 165 degree temp and in crock pots ready to be served by 11:00AM.
• Sandwiches are prepared and ready to be served in refrigerator by 11:00AM.
• All salads and condiments are compiled and ready to serve.
• All needed items are on the table and ready to start (plates, napkins, bowls, wrapped plastic spoons, forks, knives.etc.)
• The area is kept clean and dishes are constantly attended to.
• All food is kept stocked during lunch, 11:30 am – 1 pm.
• Afterwards, all tables have been through the 3 part wash.
• The kitchen has been left cleaned, wiped down, and sinks have been sanitized
• Towels, aprons and hats are taken home to be laundered.
• Inventory is taken and ready for new supplies. Time: 5.5 – 7 hrs.

• Print food list from FCC warehouse and record what items you need.
• Be at FCC warehouse at 9:15AM to get items for the next week off printed FCC list.
• Take items to church and put them away. Time: 2-3 hrs.

* Must be either a Certified Food Service Manager, or be willing and able to pass the certification class through Health Department. (Class will be paid for by church.)
*Must be attentive to detail so that our kitchen can keep our current perfect record with Heath Dept.
*Must be great with people and volunteers to create a team environment that is fun and welcoming.
*Seeking someone who is hospitality/ ministry minded, welcoming to all who come to the lunch.
*Must be able to carry boxes of food, supplies and ice from warehouse/ store to church.
*Must have access to a vehicle that can transport food and supplies from warehouse/ store to church.
*Must read and comply with Church Child Protection Policy and pass background check for Criminal Sexual Contact.
Additional Information:
Reports to Pastor and Elder Judy Wood. Estimated time is 10 – 15 hours per week.
Monthly salary of $360. for entry level person, up to $500 for someone with experience.
*Schedule substitute Certified Food Manager when off on unpaid vacations. (Elder Judy Wood is our substitute who is certified.)

Revised: 7/27/2015
If interested in this wonderful ministry, please send resume and cover letter to: by August 31st. Paid job shadowing/ training will occur in August or early September.

Mayflower Congregational Church, a growing, dynamic church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, seeks a full-time Director of Youth Ministry.

Grand Rapids is a vibrant city thirty minutes from the stunning shores of Lake Michigan and has won numerous awards for its quality of living. There are ten colleges and universities in the area and the city has won national recognition for its art scene and school systems.

In a congregation of approximately 1000 members, Mayflower’s Youth Program over the past four years has experienced a surge of growth and now reaches typically 75 students per week. The successful candidate will exhibit a Christ-centered faith, a passion for nurturing relationships, and a desire to develop, enhance, and grow the program as it realizes the church’s mission “to love God, and love your neighbor as yourself.” The church’s website is:

The Youth Director’s main responsibilities include:

  • Participate as a collegial team member with church staff and attend staff meetings, retreats and gatherings.
  • Relate to the youth of Mayflower, both at church and at other public functions important in their lives.
  • Lead, recruit, and train adult volunteers and youth leadership to help guide all aspects of youth ministry.
  • Coordinate, plan and lead the Senior and Middle School youth ministry program along with the 3/4/5th grade youth group and Confirmation Class.
  • Plan and manage budget for all youth events and activities

Qualifications include:

  • A mature understanding of the Bible and Christian theology
  • Well-articulated personal faith and beliefs
  • Willingness to serve as a trustworthy role model
  • A contagious passion for youth ministry
  • Eagerness to counsel, and to connect with youth and their families
  • Organizational skills sufficient to grow and sustain a youth program

For more detailed information and to submit a resume, please contact Kristina Zirschky at