Executive Presbyter/Stated Clerk Position

Executive Presbyter/Stated Clerk Position Description

The Presbytery of Lake Michigan is seeking applicants for Executive Presbyter/ Stated Clerk. Click on the tabs below for more details. 


The four foundational footers of the Executive Presbyter / Stated Clerk’s work with
the Presbytery of Lake Michigan are: strengthening relationships within the presbytery;
resourcing and supporting congregations for healthy and vital ministries; developing and
supporting healthy and dynamic leaders for congregations and validated ministries; and
fulfilling Book of Order responsibilities. 

Position’s Details


Ordained as a Teaching Elder or Ruling Elder in PC(USA) as required by the
Book of Order.

Traits and Expectations
  1. Lead with integrity, enthusiasm, imagination and compassion
  2. Flexibility and openness to change
  3. Inspiring communicator – preaching, writing, and adept at multiple forms of media
  4. Ability to speak the truth in love, a non-anxious presence
  5. Hold strong skills in relationship development and communication.
    • Cultivate ability to dialogue with persons of different convictions, including
      skills to navigate conflict.
  6. Reflect an awareness of interpersonal dynamics, seek opportunity for growth, and
    maintain confidentiality in all working relationships.
  7. Lead faithfully, in a time of religious and cultural transition, and change.
  8. Maintain a strong faith, rooted in God’s wisdom, and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
  9. Regularly set aside time for reflection and “soul work.”
  10. Continual commitment to PC (USA) polity
Responsibilities as Executive Presbyter
  1. Serve as head of staff for the Presbytery.
  2. Provide support and encouragement to committees, teams, and pastors of the
    Presbytery by developing tools and training to empower groups for successful local
  3. Maintain regular communication with Leadership Team and team facilitators and
    attend meetings as appropriate.
  4. Fulfill administrative / ecclesiastical functions within the wider Presbyterian Church
  5. Serve as member ex-officio, without vote on Leadership Team making reports at all
  6. Serve as a systems administrator with strong interpersonal skills and staff management
  7. Lead strategic thinking with analytical ability to assess current realities and how they
    are changing.
  8. Nurture healthy, supportive connections with the local congregations of the
  9. Coordinate care for pastors and their families in time of crisis.
Responsibilities as Stated Clerk
  1. Be the parliamentarian and interpreter of the Constitution.
  2. Supervise the Administrative Clerk.
  3. Provide an annual report of the Presbytery to the General Assembly and to the
  4. Determining the docket for meetings of the Presbytery in consultation with the
    Moderator, Vice-Moderator and Leadership Team.
  5. Resource the Permanent Judicial Commission and judicial process, Administrative
    Commissions, Response Team, the Advisory Committee on Representation, and other
    commissions of the Presbytery in collaboration with the Associate Pastor.
  6. Train and support Clerks of Session
  7. Be responsible for official correspondence of the Presbytery
  8. Work with the appropriate committee and with General Assembly and Synod
    commissioners in relationship to the overture process both up and down and with the
  9. Record and certify official records related to movement of Presbytery members and
    the candidacy process.
  10. Train and orient commissioners to Synod and General Assembly.
  11. Attend the PC(USA) Mid Council Leaders Conference, Association of Stated Clerk Conference, Big Tent and General Assembly and other denomination meetings/conferences as required.

The Executive Presbyter/Stated Clerk shall be accountable to the Presbytery for the
implementation of Presbytery policies and decisions.


Compensation and benefits are negotiated based on the Presbytery’s minimum salary and
housing as adjusted for experience and desired expertise.


The supervision, review, and adequacy of compensation of the Executive Presbyter/ Stated Clerk shall be reviewed by the Leadership Team at least annually. This review shall be based on performance in accordance with this position description and any goals and/or priorities identified at the beginning of the review period.


Applications are being accepted through October 15, 2021. Please click on the button below for more details on how to apply.

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