Values, Mission, and Vision

Core Values:

As partners in Christ’s service, we seek God’s way of grace and justice through:
Inclusion, Formation & Inspiration.

Adopted by the Leadership Team, May 25, 2017


Mission Statement:

The Presbytery of Lake Michigan forms and partners with faith communities
to challenge, encourage, equip and hold one another accountable as Christ’s disciples.

Adopted by the Leadership Team, August 24, 2017


Vision Statement:

We envision dynamic leaders and healthy congregations
who are vital to their communities, working together to share the way of Christ’s love, grace and justice.

Adopted by the Leadership Team, August 24, 2017



  1. PLM will work to strengthen relationships between
    1. the Presbytery and its congregations
    2. the Presbytery and its minister members
    3. the Presbytery and Sessions
    4. congregations
  2. PLM will resource and support congregations for healthy and vital ministries.
  3. PLM will develop and support healthy and dynamic leaders for congregations and validated ministries.
  4. PLM will fulfill its other responsibilities mandated in G-3.03 in the Book of Order, Including but not limited to
    1. Organizing, receiving, merging, dismissing, and dissolving congregations.
    2. Oversee congregations without pastors
    3. Establishing pastoral Relationships and dissolving them
    4. Guiding the preparation of those preparing to become ministers of W and S.
    5. Maintain relationships with Synod and General Assembly as well as ecumenical and interfaith entities.
    6. Develop strategies for the mission of the church in its district.

 Adopted by the Leadership Team, January 4, 2018