Presbytery Staff

Administration, mission, pastoral support

John M. Best,
General Presbyter 269.381.6337; 888.271.6567; 269.615.0562 [cell]; 269.381.6125 [fax]
GoodPhotoLesLeslie Keusch,
Communication Coordinator/Office Administrator
269.381.6337; 888.271.6567; 269.381.6125 [fax]
      Presbyterian polity and procedure

Fran Lane-Lawrence,
Stated Clerk
269.381.6337; 888.271.6567; 269.240.8155 [cell]; 269.381.6125 [fax]

Mission contributions, special offerings, finances Wayne Image (4)      Wayne Komejan,  Treasurer
       269.381.6337; 888.271.6567;
269.381.6125 [fax]

Susan Vincent2010web

          Susan Vincent, Bookkeeper

         269.381.6337; 888.271.6567; 269.381.6125 [fax]

Resource Center


Eileen Best,
Director Resource Center
269.381.6337; 888.271.6567; 269.381.6125 [fax]

Leadership Team

Andy Thorburn, Moderator
Karen Kelley, Vice-Moderator
Helen Havlik, Immediate Past-Moderator

Book of Order Committees

Committee on Ministry,
Committee on Preparation for Ministry,
Committee on Nominating,

Ministry Teams

Administration Ministry
Discipleship Ministry Team,
Outreach Ministry Team,
          Church Growth and Transformation,

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