Pruning the Vine in The Presbytery of Lake Michigan

“…Every branch that bears fruit he prunes

to make it bear more fruit.” John 15:2b, NRSV


The vine is used as an image throughout scripture.   In John 15, when Jesus describes himself as the vine and his followers as the branches, he talks about the need of the vine to be pruned, in order that it can bear more fruit.   

As the Leadership Team of the Presbytery of Lake, we are leading the Presbytery in time of pruning.   Changes in society and in the Church at large have left us with fewer resources with which to engage in shared ministry.  In order to do that ministry faithfully, and as good stewards of all our resources (time, energy, funds, talents), we must prune the vine of what we do.   Such pruning is not an easy process.  Many of us have had to prune the vines of our congregation’s ministries as well.    For us to be successful in the pruning process, we need as much input as possible from you.

Go here to see a list of area gatherings, where we will be discussing specific questions about how we will live into our core values, mission, and vision.  Go here to register for one of the gatherings. The information gathered at these discussions will inform the future structure of the Presbytery.  We urge you to find the one closest to you (or choose another one, if it’s more convenient), and make certain that at least one person from your church or group – preferably more — participates in it.    There is an option for you individually or as a group to submit written responses to the questions on-line, or feel free to print the questions and return your answers by mail to 1511 Helen Avenue, Portage MI 49002 or by email to by October 31.  

Your responses are vital to the pruning process!   Please participate!